Holy + Moly Branding Campaign


About the HOLY + MOLY branding campaign

Holy + Moly is a brand that represents a flavourful healthy lifestyle with the concept of being Preservative Free, Free-Range NZ Meat and Gluten Free. The idea of holy moly sausages was born from the love of the client’s family. The logo symbolises giving, sharing and home. Holy + Moly’s packaging design incorporated water coloured illustrations and hand written font to communicate a sense of ‘home made’ as all Holy + Moly’s spices are homemade spices.

We want to share the entire process of food making throughout our photoshoot. We focused on the ingredients, making of the food and the final presentation of each dishes. We also value the details of what a home kitchen would look like. It is messy, imperfect and full of laughter. We keep the shooting style contemporary & rustic by using textured back drops and subtle natural lighting.

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Photography Campaign