The Radiolollipop Project

Radio lollipop is a charity for children in hospital. It is a radio station that has child-friendly content in order to make sick children’s time in the hospital more pleasant.

We started from analysing the original website. We found the navigation bar is unnecessarily complicated, information on the homepage were ‘thrown’ to users without any order, Radiolollipop’s logo does not present the brand accurately, text on the website are long and tedious.

We aim to present radiolollipop as a brand that has a strong concept and visual communication with its audience. We began the process by re-brand the charity. We have designed a new logo, and decided to incorporate illustrations, child friendly fonts to the website while keeping its original brand colour red and yellow. We wanted to emphasise on the ‘Radio’ in the charity. Therefore, the homepage is a straightforward radio play control bar.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 12.26.41.png

During the entire designing process, one thing we found really challenging was to include a huge amount of information. As we all know, it’s a charity website, nobody wants to read a 2000 words essay before they make a move. Especially when users are browsing on iPad and iPhones (not implying all users are Apple fans), reading long text is a pain in the ass. So we decided to put all long text in a box with the option of expanding, so that while users are scrolling down, they have the option of knowing the most important infos that they chose to take in.



We decided to start the project by redesigning Radio Lollipop’s logo. We believed that the logo holds an important place in strong visual communication and connection between the helper and the children. 

The original logo is a bit misleading and doesn’t show either the concept of lollipop (children) or the concept of being a radio station. We decided to bring in elements like illustration, retro fonts to identify the brand “Radio Lollipop”.